Integrity Management (IMR)

Integrity Management (IMR)

In 2017, GranEnergia Group Services, was formed to deliver innovative and integrated life cycle solutions in the fields of offshore maintenance and repair, logistical services and infrastructure facilities to both local and international clients in the offshore energy sector.

GranEnergia Group contributes to all stages of the value chain and has extended experience in managing, planning and executing remote IMR scopes in the Offshore Energy market.

  • Engineering & Design
  • Construction & Assembly
  • Installation, Commissioning
  • Inspection, Repair, Maintenance
  • Decommissioning of Equipment and Vessels.

GranEnergia Group, a leading offshore modification & maintenance contractor in Brazil has approximately 1,000 offshore workers and well-equipped support bases in Macaé and Açu Port with significant fabrication and storage capacity and active contracts in the Campos and Santos basins.

Over the past few years GranEnergia Group has performed numerous offshore campaigns; planned shutdowns; as well as topside integrity and maintenance works. In recognition of our work quality, strong HSE records and productivity, Petrobras has appointed our company as the best offshore & maintenance contractor in 2018. More than 1.500 days without LTI with over 5 Million Offshore Man-Hours of work were achieved.

GranEnergia Group is providing Petrobras with maintenance services, which also includes an innovative solution that substitutes Carbon Steel handrails, grating, ladders, structural profiles, platforms, footbridge, cable tray, among others for FRP (Fiber-Reinforced Plastic) Material which presents advantages on resistance to corrosion by weathering, flame resistance, low smoke emission and toxicity, lightness and mechanical resistance, easy assembly and installation.

GranEnergia Group also works with private clients and IOC's, and has been awarded to support the Hook-up & Commissioning of the WHP-C fixed platform for Equinor.

Macae RJ, Brazil

The Macaé base is located thirty kilometers from BR-101 highway and one kilometer from Macaé City Airport and is fully operational and equipped.40.000m² operational base, including storage and material preservation areas.

  • Fabrication capacity of 80t/month
  • Coating/painting facilities
  • Pipe shop
  • Warehouse and Loan-division
  • Hydrostatic testing area

Açu Port RJ, Brazil

  • 460m Quay, 150t/m
  • 30,000 - 160.000m² open area 20-50 t/m
  • 17,000m² facilities
  • Warehouses including climate-controlled warehouses
  • Fabrication facilities
  • Spool-base
  • Offices including canteen facilities
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