Fleet & Maritime Operations

Fleet & Maritime Operations

GranEnergia operates two Compact Semi-Submersible UMS, Olympia and Venus. Both vessels operate with a DP3 propulsions system and are purpose build to execute Maintenance, Hook-up and Commissioning and Decommissioning projects on Offshore Platforms and (Turret Moored) FPSO's.

With a capacity for up to 501 people, the GranEnergia fleet offers Comfortable Accommodation with Leisure-areas, State-of-the-Art equipment and Highly Experienced Crew. Working on DP constantly, the vessels have a Track Record of outstanding operational performance being connected to all types of production units like Fixed platforms, Semi-Submersibles, Spread Moored and Turret Moored FPSO’s.

Compact Semi-Submersible Advantages

  • High Connection Rate Performance
  • Low Operating Cost and Fuel Consumption
  • Motion Compensated Gangway
  • Helideck Compliant with International standards
  • Large Free Deck Space
  • Long-reach Knuckle Boom Crane
  • Excellent Client Performance Evaluations.
  • Turret Moored FPSO connections, No support of AHTS needed as pullback
  • Versatility of Services (Logistics of Personnel & Materials, replacing helicopters and PSV’s).
  • Supply of Utility Services over the Gangway (i.e. Fuel, Electrical Power, Technical & Potable water)

In 2014, The Compact Semi-Submersible was elected as Support Vessel of the Year at the Riviera OSJ Conference in London.

Third party EBN Services

In Brazil, it is mandatory for foreign vessel owners, to contract its services though an 'Empresa Brasileira de Navegação' or EBN. An EBN is a legal entity incorporated under Brazilian law and headquartered in Brazil, with the objective of water transport and licensed by the Brazilian Authorities.

As Brazil is a complex country to operate, choosing the right local partner will certainly pay off. Operators can easily run into costly contractual, operational, regulatory and legal issues. Besides one has to know its way around in the official governmental organizations.

GranEnergia is a Brazilian International Shipowner and Offshore Contractor, headquartered in Brazil and the Netherlands. GranEnergia has gained a wealth of local experience and know-how, operating in Brazil for many years, and is the go-to partner foreign contractors.

GranEnergia offers support starting from the vessel importation process up to the vessel leaving Brazil after the completion of the charter contract. The services contain regulatory support to ensure compliance with all local legislation and regulations and operational support like vessel management services, logistics, port services and personnel.

EBN Services

  • Contracting services
  • Regulatory support
  • Legal and tax consultancy
  • Vessel Importation
  • Importation of goods & spare-parts
  • Local content crew and personnel support
  • Marine Services
  • Visa service
  • Technical support
  • Maintenance
  • Logistic support of materials and personnel
  • Storage and Warehousing
  • HSE Compliance
  • Lay-up Services
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