Ethics & Compliance

Compliance and Anti-Bribery Program

GranEnergia has a Compliance and Anti-Bribery Program, which is based on GranEnergia’s key values in respect to good governance, safety, integrity, quality, sustainability and respect. GranEnergia sees itself as a true and transparent business partner and seeks to engage with business partners with a similar set of values and culture.

GranEnergia has a Compliance and Anti-Bribery Program grounded in values such as good governance, safety, integrity, and quality. It is expected that all employees, partners, and involved parties adhere to ethical principles outlined in the company's policy, Code of Ethics and Conduct, and related guidelines. Everyone must comply with local anti-bribery laws and other relevant regulations. The company maintains an independent compliance unit to ensure regulatory compliance, prevent conflicts of interest, and provide necessary resources for its operations.

It is the obligation of GranEnergia, its employees, business partners and other related parties to comply with the specific anti-bribery laws of each country in which they operate and any other relevant anti-bribery rules that might be applicable.

Respect for the rules is not limited to compliance with the Law, but also to the observance of the guidelines provided for in the Code of Ethics and Conduct and in the specific corporate governance policies, among other policies adopted by GranEnergia and its Customers.

GranEnergia has a qualified organizational unit, segregated from the business and audit areas, which acts independently, aiming to guarantee the full scope of its activities, and to exclude any conflict of interest. GranEnergia guarantees the independence and authority of the Compliance Anti-Bribery Role, providing the necessary resources to carry out its activities.

Whistleblowing Channel

GranEnergia upholds high ethical standards throughout its production chain, in line with the Code of Ethics and Conduct and principles of good corporate governance. To facilitate the reporting of ethical violations, the company provides an exclusive channel for complaints and suggestions. Any individual who identifies such violations is encouraged to report them immediately, without fear of retaliation, with the assurance of complete anonymity if desired. GranEnergia values the collaboration of all in maintaining an ethical, transparent, and fair work environment.

Anyone who identifies any suspected violation of the Code of Ethics and Conduct, the other Compliance and Anti-Bribery Program documents or any laws or regulations, by any person, including third party employees, must report this matter immediately.

GranEnergia has a zero-tolerance policy on retaliation against employees for reporting suspected violations of our policies, guidelines, procedures or Code and anonymity is 100% guaranteed. GranEnergia counts on your collaboration to maintain an ethical, upright, transparent, healthy and free from prejudice or injustice work environment. To report any suspected compliance violations, including violations of laws against corruption or other legal offenses, please use the button below.

Important: The Whistleblower Channel is exclusively intended for complaints, information, and suggestions relevant to GranEnergia's Code of Ethics and Conduct and other documents and processes of the Compliance and Anti-Bribery Program. Messages and inquiries that do not fall within these objectives, such as sending resumes, contacts from suppliers, and other unrelated matters, should not be forwarded through this channel.

Ethics and Conduct Committee

GranEnergia has an Ethics and Conduct Committee that meets ordinarily every six months and extraordinarily when requested by one of its members. This Committee has autonomy and independence to investigate and judge cases of violations of our Code and Compliance and Anti-Bribery Program and to impose appropriate disciplinary sanctions.

The members of the Ethics and Conduct Committee are responsible for disseminating, resolving doubts and providing guidance on compliance with the Code of Ethics and Conduct, the Compliance and Anti-Bribery Program and other applicable laws or regulation.

Committee members

Miguel de Almeida Gradin
Daan Beekhuis
Ricardo Orofino
Raffaello Paladino
Nathalia Fukuchi

Anti-Bribery Compliance Function (Compliance Officer)

The Anti-Bribery Compliance Function, also known as the Compliance Officer, has the responsibility and authority to:

a) oversee the design and implementation of the Compliance and Anti-Bribery Program by GranEnergia;
b) provide advice and guidance to personnel on the Compliance and Anti-Bribery Program and issues related to compliance and anti-bribery;
c) ensure that the Compliance and Anti-Bribery Program complies with the requirements of ISO 37001 and other applicable standards;
d) report the performance of the Compliance and Anti-Bribery Program to Top Management and other compliance functions, as appropriate.

Anti-Bribery Compliance Function: Nathalia Fuentes

Relevant documents

Management Commitment Letter

Compliance and Anti-bribery policy

Code of Ethics and Conduct

Anti-corruption Guideline

Gifts, Entertainment and Hospitality Guideline

ISO 37001:2019 Certificate