About us

"At GranEnergia we are 100% focused on Safe Operations, Quality, the Environment and true Pragmatic Partnership ... Always!"

Founded in 2011, GranEnergia is an integrated offshore energy services company, headquartered in Brazil. GranEnergia operates DP3 Semi-submersible Safety and Maintenance Vessels (UMS). These vessels have been operating in Dynamic Positioning since 2014 in Brazil and West Africa, with excellent performance.

Compact Semi-Submersible Vessel Advantages

  • High Connection Rate Performance
  • 450 to 501 Beds
  • Low Operating Cost and Fuel Consumption
  • Motion Compensated Gangway
  • Large Free Deck Space for project support
  • Long-reach Knuckle Boom Crane
  • Turret Moored FPSO connections, No support of AHTS needed as pullback
  • Versatility of Services (Logistics of Personnel & Materials, replacing helicopters and PSV’s).
  • Supply of Utility Services over the Gangway (i.e. Fuel, Electrical Power, Technical & Potable water)

GranEnergia Group

Besides its fleet of Offshore Support Units the GranEnergia group of companies has an extended Oil & Gas services portfolio to support its client Offshore and Onshore operations.

With approximately 5.000 offshore staff, well-equipped support bases and significant fabrication and storage capacity, the GranEnergia Group delivers innovative and integrated life cycle solutions in the fields of offshore maintenance and repair, logistical services and infrastructure facilities to both local and international clients in the offshore energy sector.


To offer innovative and integrated solutions to the Offshore Energy sector in a sustainable way and with a high forcus on safety and quality, adapting new Technologies and delivering value to our shareholders and our society.


GranEnergia aims to be its Client's preferred partner by adding value through delivering Sustainable Integrated Solutions to the Offshore Energy Market. Acting pragmatically and adding relevant innovation to a constantly changing energy industry ensuring the supply of energy to the world’s population.

Our Values

At GranEnergia, we hold out values high. These values are the beacons that guide us in how we interact with our clients, partners, colleagues and the environment during our daily routines.

  • Safety: We never compromise on health, safety and security
  • Quality: We strive to deliver the highest quality in everything we do
  • Trust & Respect: We always behave ethically, fair and transparent
  • Integrity: We build relations of trust and treat others respectfullyIntegrity: We build relations of trust and treat others respectfully
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurial Spirit: We foster Innovation and an Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Passion: We have passion for what we do
  • Sustainability: We minimalize the impact on the environment, and the communities in the regions that we operate.
  • Leadership: We lead by example, no-one holds the title to what is right

GranEnergia Philosophy

At GranEnergia, people build a business based on a common cause: to innovate for a better world. We see a modern world, talented, vibrant and creative. Companies in the GranInvest group aim to become the most innovative of this future, boldly seeking new paths, to accept the risk of innovation that transforms, innovate to serve our customers better and promote achievements that respect the commitment to a material legacy for future generations.

GranEnergia aspires to be the choice of talented people who value an environment that is transparent, bright, creative, lively, smart, ethical and fun. Autonomy, good humor, courage and commitment complement each other in a pact of ethics of responsibility and self-challenge. Here, no-one holds the title to what is right and ideas and discoveries are shared with ease.

At GranEnergia, to serve is an attitude held in common and ambitious dreams are respected as future realities that await our actions. The entrepreneurial culture at GranEnergia is born of the belief, that a unique way of anticipating on our customers’ goals, generates an impressive return on the shareholder’s capital. We believe in creative freedom supported by discipline to achieve tangible results.Behind every creative action, there will always be someone responsible at GranEnergia for ensuring that the initiative is innovative, with tangible results for customers, shareholders and society.

With us, business leadership is endorsed by example. The leaders of GranEnergia believe the company has a decisive role in defending social and cultural values wherever it operates. We do not accept the hierarchy of imposed authority, but leadership with a sense of cause, that wins people over by example, conduct and corporate cause – that becomes personal in seeking to accomplish something meaningful in life.People who choose GranEnergia embrace a rebellion with a cause and a vibrant concern in the pursuit of self-fulfillment, of making life worth living. We all participate in and share the dreams and achievements of our clients, through an impassioned way of working, in which the possible is not the limit.

GranEnergia wants to be seen as a company where the future is the present cause, where people achieve realization and customers feel part of a common dream.