Supply Chain Management & Port Services

Supply Chain Management & Port Services

GranEnergia Group through the Supply Chain Management (SCM) service line has been operating in the Energy Industry since 2014. By offering Inventory Planning and Management of 'MRO materials’ (all materials required for Maintenance, Repair & Operations), GranEnergia Group adds value to its Clients, with a continues focus on Cost Reduction and Increasing Efficiency, Service Levels, Improving Processes, Controlling and Conformity.

With the expertise in managing MRO materials onshore and offshore, GranEnergia Group has over R$ 1.2 billion MRO parts inventory under management. It also manages over 25.000 square meters of warehouse making it one of the main players in the industry.

By presenting a complete and innovative solution, GranEnergia Group covers the complete supply chain, delivers optimization, superior control, accuracy and cost/inventory reduction, all with high service levels.

The solutions proposed by GranEnergia Group aim at a high adherence to the best methodologies available in the market, focusing on the Total Cost Chain as the main competitive differentiation and always with a long-term partnership approach.

GranEnergia Group operates with Tier 1 Clients in the industry, being recognized for the accuracy of inventories above 99.85%. The GranEnergia Group teams successfully relocated support bases to other cities, have direct responsibility for the movement of materials between the warehouses, optimizing stock reduction through scrap and surplus management.

GranEnergia Group is compliant with all local legislation as well as the procedures determined by our clients.

GranEnergia Group is proud to have been selected to provide its Supply Chain Management services to various NOC's and IOC's including Petrobras, Equinor and Shell.

DOME, Port Açu.

DOME, a Prumo and GranEnergia Group joint venture, offers integrated service solutions for the Offshore Energy industry since 2017.

Guided by Sustainable Development Goals and through transparent partnerships, Dome develops the Port of Açu into the main energy hub in Brazil. Taking advantage of its strategic location, top-quality port infrastructure and competitive advantages arising from private investment, Dome provides Logistic & Infrastructural Solutions as well as a complete suite of services supporting the Offshore Oil & Gas, Renewables and Maritime sector.

Containing an area of a 130 km², the Port of Açu has dry and wet areas ready for development of new companies, businesses and partnerships, with countless possibilities for industrial development. Today, more than 25 Companies make use of Açu's infrastructure and facilities.

DOME Services Portfolio

  • Offshore Support Base
  • Construction & Integration of Modules and Skids
  • Subsea Support Services
  • Decommissioning & Waste Services,
  • Spool base Services
  • Naval Repair & maintenance,
  • Port Services
  • Lay-up Solutions (Cold or Warm Stacking) for offshore units
  • Marine Services

Port of Acu is the largest Offshore Port in Latin America with a quayside of 460 meters, 17,000 square meters of constructed area and 30,000 to 190,000 m2 of available area.

DOME Competitive Advantages

  • The proximity of the terminal to the Campos and Espírito Santo Basin
  • Wharf area with dredging completed at a minimum depth of 9 meters
  • 3 berths for simultaneous operations, with a floor resistance of 150T /m2
  • Building area of 17,000 m2, including warehouses, offices and workshops
  • 190,000m2 with a soil resistance of up to 50T/ m2.

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