Sustainability is one of GranEnergia’s core values and directs how GranEnergia conducts its business. At all hierarchical levels within GranEnergia, people act responsibly and always seek to limit the impact on our planet by implementing and delivering sustainable solutions.

Our Commitment

Our sustainability commitment is to promote a continuous, positive and responsible contribution for all. and is something we’ll never compromise on.

We support our employees and the communities we serve by driving workplace gender diversity, nurturing local economies and fostering long-term, positive and enduring social impacts.

Our Sustainability Pillars

  • Mitigating our environmental impact including our subcontractors’ footprint by focusing on preventing pollution, reducing the use of Natural Resources and Atmospheric Emissions, and smart waste management.
  • Support our local communities whenever we see relevant opportunities.
  • Provide safe and healthy working conditions to all employees, clients and subcontractors, in order to prevent injuries and health problems.
  • Develop and train our employees enabling them to grow professionally and individually and guarantee the right to consultation and participation.
  • Recognize our employees and subcontractors for their contribution and commitment to the GranEnergia’s core values and principles;
  • Respect all human beings and their rights by cherishing and encouraging ethical, egalitarian, transparent and responsible behavior and promote gender diversity.

ESG - Environment, Social and Governance

ESG is the acronym for Environmental, Social and Governance. The term is used to describe the company's actions to mitigate and/or compensate for environmental impacts, the social contributions towards its employees and the society and finally, the practices related to its corporate conduct, such as the anti-corruption and anti-bribery procedures in place.

In 2021, GranEnergia has started to issue its annual ESG report, presenting its main results and indicators. These reports also address GranEnergia's strategic initiatives to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in order to meet the prerequisite of the Global Compact, to which GranEnergia has subscribed in September 2020.

ESG - Annual Report 2020